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Is your team going through a transition? Has it lost its way, or would it like to refocus prior to an important breakthrough, in order to stock up on energy and plan the next steps? A Team Workshop sets the stage for shared success.


Whether seeking a strategic direction, effective work practices, or a deeper mutual trust – even the most seasoned and best organized teams can get to the point, where they want inspiration for solutions and short-term guidance from outside.



The USP Leadership Experts Approach

USP Leadership Team Workshops stimulate, initiate clarification processes, and strengthen the goal-finding work.

Together, we create with you the most effective approach for your team and your situation. You decide which USP Leadership Experts are the right coaches for your team and should accompany you through the deciding development steps. Influencing factors in this case are the management level and experience of your team.

Stronger Impact Through Processes

USP Leadership Coaches approach their work as a process. We package compact mini-programs – we prepare for your team’s 1.5 to 2 days Team Workshops with a to the point, effective Kickoff. We hone in on your target and achieve committed buy-in from all participants. The success of the Team Coaching is rounded out with a tangible, transfer ensuring Review following the Workshop that anchors results securely in your team’s everyday work.