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Development Center

You would like to identify potential and raise the development of your employees to a professional level? You have recognized that identifying high potentials in your company still relies too heavily on “gut feelings“? Do your employees not feel completely noticed and developed?


Identifying and developing the right high potentials has always been important. Meanwhile, this personnel development service has grown by leaps and bounds to become a true competitive advantage.

The Development Center (DC) offers a learning space for many groups of people: it creates the opportunity to identify employees’ strengths and areas for development, and to recalibrate the assessment of employees. It also supports improving the feedback culture and contributes to a deeper common understanding of leadership.


Target groups

The USP Leadership Experts Approach

USP Leadership Development Centers are tailored to your company, your values, and to the specific professional challenges you define.  

We work with you to map out your exact needs in a perfectly customized, streamlined format.

By means of various diagnostic methods that we perform online and in-person, we make visible the employees’ behavior, personal motivators, and roadblocks in professional situations.

Our team of diagnostic experts ensures that the development and implementation are efficient and effective. Involving internal stakeholders is in our opinion a must, since this is the only way to achieve important additional side effects.

Important additional side effects in a company-specific DC:

Stronger Impact Through Processes

USP Leadership Experts approach their work as a process. We design compact Development Centers – the 1 to 1.5 day Development Center is flanked by preparatory tasks and consistent processing of results. The tasks aim to integrate with the company’s requirements. At the conclusion of the DC, each participant receives detailed feedback so that the employees’ further development is encouraged in a timely manner.

DC as a development tool or AC as a selection assessment

You are looking for an Assessment Center (AC) rather than a Development Center (DC) in order to select personnel or to appraise management for internal management succession?

Talk to us!

The same quality criteria that apply to Development Centers apply to Assessment Centers and management appraisals as well.

In conclusion

It is our priority to achieve long-lasting results by involving decision makers in the design and implementation of Development Centers. At the heart of our Development Centers that have been tailored to the individual customer are the identification of high potentials and the development of a common leadership understanding.