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USP Leadership Experts focus consistently on leadership diagnostics and leadership development. We bring together our complementary organizational and personnel development competencies to finely hone the USP Leadership Experts signature. Based on their expertise, independent coaches and consultants create best practice solutions for you.

Leadership Diagnostics

Leadership Diagnostics – USP leadership diagnostics for individuals and their organization

The USP Leadership Diagnostics focuses on the ability that every person has to develop, and the desire for personal growth and fulfillment. The potential of each individual ideally contributes to the strength and development of their professional environment. USP Leadership Diagnostics analyzes the potential of the individual, their work environment, and the organization’s competencies. At the core is the development of potential – both of the individual and of the organization.

Whether using market-tested online assessments, licensed diagnostics instruments, or our very own questionnaires and analysis tools developed for an individual customer, such as the 360 Degree Feedback or the Sales 360 Degree Feedback for Sales Employees – we work together with our customers to define the custom-fit path forward, one that offers you an understandable and insightful status quo. From there, we define the steps of action that lead to your success.

Leadership Development

The USP Leadership Development aims for the assumption of leadership responsibility on the part of the individual, by teams, and throughout the entire company. We believe that at the root of any leadership responsibility is self-leadership. Any effective increase in our own leadership competencies begins with ourselves, and contributes, by means of self-reflection and the integration of what has been learned into daily action, to the maturing of the “leadership personality”. Both the leadership of individuals as well as of larger teams or organizational units are the next steps along the way to leading a company.

Regardless of whether it is the personal focus of an individual, or the strategic direction and strategic realization of the company’s top management, leadership always succeeds because of a conveyable direction and by consistently following through with the plan of action related to this direction. USP Leadership Development contributes to this follow-through by means of leadership development programs, coaching, team and strategy workshops, as well as by accompanying change processes.

Solid personnel and organizational development and change management succeed due to a defined direction given by clear leadership. Many change projects are directly related to leadership diagnostics and status quo analyses, with leadership programs supporting these measures.

USP Leadership Experts – in Austria, Germany, and across the globe

Since 1998, USP Leadership Experts has been located in Vienna. Since 2009, we have supported our radius of operation with colleagues in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg und Berlin. USP Leadership Experts based in Germany and Austria are internationally active and work equally well in English and German, as well as other languages. Our approach is systemic and strategic.

For USP Leadership Experts, "quality" means:


It’s all about leadership – beginning with myself.