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Strategy Workshop

Your vision is not being adopted by those around you, and it is not getting any closer to becoming a reality? The brilliantly defined goals are not fitting into your time plan and seem unattainable? You are looking for a sparring partner who is well versed in methods for solution-based guidance through strategy development processes?


Strategy Development is a Consistently Applied Trade

Strategy development is simultaneously one of the most important and most uncomfortable leadership responsibilities. Disguised as a managerial task, it requires honest and intense discussion, the analysis of decelerating factors and opportunities, and personal self-reflection on one’s own consistency and approach.

Whether a corporate group, company, department, or team strategy – all strategic issues have in common that they bundle decisions and actions for a defined direction, and that they contribute measurably and realistically to the end result.

A successful strategy draws upon the company vision and strategy, and transfers these into perfectly fitting, future-oriented instruments and interventions.



Target Groups

The USP Consultants Approach

  1. Clarification of contract: With a clearly stated project for the contract, we clarify your goals and the strategic level upon which your concern lies.
  2. Analysis of the meta-level: The methodic analysis skills of the USP Consultants is a clear advantage and allows for the conscious integration of various perspectives and solution levels.
  3. Facilitation based on solutions and results: In a compact workshop, we consolidate with you the results, and define practical measurement criteria, steps required, responsibilities, and corrective measures.


Results-oriented and precise guidance through the complex processes of strategy development and its adaptation strengthen the problem-solving competencies and effectiveness of the company’s realization of its objectives.