Do you feel like you are going in circles without getting any closer to reaching your objective or a decision? Would you like more clarity about your personal path? Have you noticed your own characteristics or patterns of behavior that are getting in your way?


If you are looking for a safe space where you can engage in an exchange with a “sparring“ partner, where you can find solutions for your professional and personal issues, then coaching is an ideal accompanying measure and will give you fresh momentum.

Whether in search of dialogue with a coach as someone who is an independent party, personal development tailored to you, or support while breaking down mental blocks:

Coaching makes it possible for you to experience supported, clarifying self-reflection. You work through your personal and professional issues in a safe space with qualified, respectful discussion while applying tools aimed at finding solutions.


Target groups

The USP Leadership Experts Approach

For coaching to be successful, a good fit between the coached and coach is indispensable. This is how a trusting working environment is created in which you can openly address personal topics.

Choose the USP Leadership Coach with whom you would like to have an initial, non-binding conversation at no cost, or ask us to recommend someone who fits your situation.

In the initial conversation, you will clarify what your topic is and a possible shared approach to it. You will get a feel for how your potential coach works. After the conversation, you decide if you could imagine working with this USP Leadership Coach.

Variety of methods

Every USP Coach has multiple professional qualifications and areas of experience. Thus, in addition to systems-based, motivational psychology, therapeutic, and management-oriented approaches, you will find:

Stronger impact through processes

USP Leadership Coaches approach their work as a process. Most of the time, a coaching session lasts between 1.5 and 4 hours, and takes place every several weeks. You put into place the decisions and plans that you generate in a coaching session in between your appointments, so that you can discuss your experiences in the following session.

The length of your individual coaching and your sessions are decided with the aim of an effective, goal-oriented collaboration and long-lasting impact for you.