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Vision and Values

Effective leadership for lasting success – accompanying people and organizations is our passion. Our common vision and the values we live out daily are what unite us. Our decisions and daily actions create the environment in which we are effective.

Vision of USP Leadership Experts

We, as USP Leadership coaches and consultants, consider the development and growth of people and organizations to be a fundamental life principle. Both pursuits require leadership with a clear focus on a vision, and the goals and strategy that result.

We advocate for the strengthening of self-leadership and leadership qualities of each individual, and for the development of leadership competencies within a company, so that we successfully, sustainably, and as partners, guide our customers on their path toward achieving their goals and realizing their vision.

We believe in partnership as a long-term commitment to the well-being of all interest groups involved. We create sustainability by increasing leadership competencies and cooperative qualities that over the long run strengthen the company customers and individual customers in their autonomy, their means of shaping their environment, and in their own ability to develop. We show our passion by applying these principles not only to ourselves but also to our partners, by persistently questioning in order to achieve the best, and by consistently increasing our own competencies until we achieve them.

Our Values

USP Leadership Experts

We, as leadership experts, have committed ourselves to our own further personal development, and to the desire and self-initiative to lead. We uphold this responsibility to our business partners, our employees, our colleagues, and to ourselves.

We collectively stand up for our values: