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Hintergrund Portraitfoto von Gerhard Liska

Gerhard Liska

Senior Consultant

Personal Background

I counsel and support clients in a needs- and situation-based manner, be it in the conception of demanding programmes or in concrete personal development challenges. One of my greatest strengths is to focus on differing opposites and bring them to their common meta-point. Sometimes this is not pleasant, but it often clarifies tricky situations. In a humorous and provocative way, I stay on top of the core issues while keeping an eye on the big picture.

On the one hand, my thinking and actions are shaped by the humanistic paradigm and the idea that the power to grow and heal lies within the human being. On the other hand, I gain inspiration from my training as a HAKOMI therapist and the resulting experience of the energy that lies in the special state of consciousness of mindfulness. Situationally, I draw on systemic models that help to understand the complexity of organizations. 

Professional Background

  • Study of human ecology
  • Academically certified supervisor and coach – ÖVS
  • Therapeutic archery and HAKOMI - applied mindfulness therapy
  • HAKOMI therapist (experiential body psychotherapy)
  • Vision Quest Guide
  • Certified Online-Workshop Coach

Core Competences

  • Leadership diagnostics and development
  • Conception and implementation of workshops and programmes in international, multicultural contexts
  • Competence and leadership criteria
  • Strengthening the individual leadership personality
  • Mindfulness

Product Focus

Leadership Diagnostics

  • 360 Degree Feedback und 360 Degree Group Reports
  • Appraisals, Development Centers

Leadership Development

  • Coaching, Team-/Group-Coaching

  • Team-/Strategy-Workshops

Virtually, hybrid und live

My personal approach ...


Accompanying people in their development and bringing them into their power is a subject close to my heart. I can implement this wonderfully in group/team coaching. My approach is characterized by the encouragement of a reflective and self-responsible attitude towards the consequences of one's own actions in the team/organizational context as well as the stringent focus on individual and group/team-relevant development issues. My extensive experience from many different groups - also in an international context – thereby is a profound starting point for me.

360 Degree Feedback / Development Centers / Assessments

The benefit I bring to this rich diagnostic field is based on my extensive experience as a coach with the topic of leadership in international contexts. The question of successful practice-oriented implementation in the exploration of identified potentials and the processing of development fields is a particular concern of mine. I find the compilation of individual results at team or group level particularly exciting, as this always opens up new facets of organizational dynamics for me.


What fascinates me about strategic work is the distanced view from the meta-level and the larger context, team, area, organization. In doing so, I use my ability to switch skillfully between different perspectives and to bring together different individual aspects from them on a meta-level. Equally important to me is the translation of these insights into practical and comprehensible conclusions, because for me they are the key to the respective area or organization.

About me

Knowing more about my own roots and basic assumptions and beliefs makes me clearer in my diagnosis and contributes to the qualitative development of my work as a group coach. Personal and professional development are therefore regular constants in my life, into which time and energy flow. The picture with the bow shows me, for example, in further training in therapeutic archery, which brought me into contact with different aspects of inner focusing a few years ago.

Another constant in my life is being on the move. I like to move in different emotional, social and natural environments and feel nourished and strengthened in equal measure by what I experience through them. The pictures show me with my partner on a trip to the last Biennale in Venice and hiking for a few days in the Schneeberg area, about 1.5 hours drive from Vienna.

Petra Schulte about me:

Since the early days, Gerhard Liska has been one of the key players of USP Leadership Experts and takes an unmistakable place; his thoughtful, mindful, and equally clear and unambiguous attitude consistently contributes to the development of our leadership philosophy. Developing potential is not only very important to him as a person. Rather, with this approach he addresses strategic decisions as a partner in the management team as well as our development as a consulting boutique. 

Gerhard embodies a balancing force whose honesty I can always count on. Be it personal reflections, innovative aspirations or business decisions, his opinion and support often serve as a guideline for his colleagues and as a friendly and professional response for me.