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Hintergrund Portraitfoto von Angela Carmon-Maaßen

Angela Carmon-Maaßen

Senior Consultant

Personal Background

Since 2011 I am following my big passion: As consultant and coach I accompany people in their personal development, organizations in their growth. My experience as leader in a global company has proven my conviction that people are the crucial driving force – for themselves, for their team and for the company. It is my concern to nurture and develop this driving force, with a high claim for effectiveness of my activities and interventions. Special value I see in analyzing and understanding the actual situation of the system in focus, in order to design and initiate effective interventions and programs. My professional curiosity and interest in my personal development are characteristics, which guarantee each time again new my careful and attentive taking in of the customer´s concerns. The answer to these concerns and the solutions are always found at or in the customer himself. My contribution will be my experience and deep process know-how, with which I will support and accompany you on the path best suited to you. In order to be able to live up to this expectation of mine freshly and strongly each day, I recover and fill up energy with my dog and big portions of fresh air, forest and water.

Professional Background

Core Competences

Product Focus