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Hintergrund Portraitfoto von Angela Carmon-Maaßen

Angela Carmon-Maaßen

Senior Consultant

Personal Background

„Technology meets people" succinctly summarizes my professional background. In addition to my focus on people, I bring a deep understanding of companies and products in manufacturing industries. In my collaboration with customers and cooperation partners, I am characterized by professional curiosity and personal interest in the different worlds people work in. Therefore, I always attentively look at the concerns and the special impact factors in the situation of my current client.

I am a passionate leadership developer and group coach. With a keen eye for context, however, I equally enjoy coaching strategy and team workshops. I use my corporate experience and in-depth process know-how to guide my counterpart on his or her path. I appreciate virtual formats as a valuable addition in all areas.

I love to engage with those who are genuinely interested in their self-development. I find my balance for fully engaged project work in mindfulness, movement and small creative projects. Extended walks through nature allow me to let go and give my mind time to digest experiences.

Professional Background

  • Dipl.-Ing. Biomedical Engineering
  • Corporate experience: development, marketing, leadership with global responsibility 
  • Cooperation with customers, staff and partners in USA, Asia, Europe
  • Certified business coach and team developer
  • Change management consultant
  • Certified virtual workshop facilitator & coach

Core Competences

  • Management diagnostics and development
  • Design and execution of workshops and programs 
  • Developing and strengthening of individual leadership personality 
  • Mindfulness and self-development
  • Implementation of virtual diagnostic and development programs

Product Focus

Leadership diagnostic

  • 360 degree feedback
  • Development Centers / Appraisals 

Leadership development

  • Team and group coaching
  • Team & strategy workshops

Virtual, hybrid and live

My personal approach ...

360 Degree Feedback

It fascinates me how I can perceive the person and their behavioral patterns by reading the analysis data, without having met them before. In the process that follows, I find appreciative, accurate and growth-producing images and words that invite the feedback recipient to (re)recognize themself. I want to enable understanding and acceptance in my conversational partner, so that they want to create more added value for themself and their environment. 

Development Centers / Assessments / Appraisals

The most effective way to develop ourselves arises when we observe our own behavioral patterns. Among the recognized patterns, I can identify those with which I limit myself in my effectiveness. In Development Centers, we provide participants with feedback on how they deal with practice-related challenges and thus give them clues about their behavioral patterns. The mirror held up to them enables them to train their perception of their own behavior. For personnel development, starting points for tailor-made plans are created. In selection processes, we thus generate valuable bases for sustainably good decisions. 

Team-Workshops / Team-Coaching

A team workshop is the travel companion of a team on the way to its targeted goal. The successful journey always starts with the determination of the current position and the alignment of the goal. This can involve the development of a jointly supported strategy in the leadership circle, the resolution of conflicts and blockages or the forming and strengthening of a new team. I support “en route”, provide the means of transportation through tasks, and catalyze the exchange about the interaction between the travelers. 


I particularly enjoy offering people support on their personal development journey within group formats. I focus on the participants getting involved in a trusting way and being valuable partners to each other in their learning processes. This feels like magic to me. I create the safe space for this engagement and enable my participants to reflect, exchange, try things out and enjoy their own and each other's development.

Working virtually

I am an early adopter of working in virtual space. This is where my personal motto, "technology meets people" kicks in.

I love working out the possibilities that a collaboration tool offers for an effective workshop. Therefore, I take small hurdles as an incentive. In fact, I am also fascinated by how much is possible in virtual collaboration. 

Particularly intense contact has been achieved when participants finish a conversation or a workshop and afterwards feel like they are emerging from a shared room: people feel close to each other. This works both one-on-one and with groups.

I would like to make good use of the virtual possibilities that exist and thus contribute to effective diagnostic and development formats for leadership even when a physical meeting cannot be arranged or implemented. 

My reading recommendation for you (German): 

Once you have experienced how Gerhard Liska works from his absolute center in group coaching, you will want more of it. 

Vertrauen generieren und festigen in Krisenzeiten

About me

"If someone kept paying me to learn, that would be my career of choice." That's what I declared during my studies, and I still love to acquire new knowledge. Not as an end in itself, but always with the aim of sharing my knowledge with others. I am not so much interested in imparting specialist knowledge; I am passionate about supporting others in recognizing connections and patterns. It fascinates me how effective self-development becomes when I recognize the origin of my own behavior and start from there with change, how I find blind spots in my personal behavior map and redesign them for myself. If others have a desire for their personal development, I support them in experiencing this fascination as well.

I refill my battery, for example, during walks through the forest, along the water or across fields and meadows. In doing so, I often let go of all thinking in order to completely immerse myself in the energy of the moment. With my small family, my wife and our dog, I like to drive with the van over the weekends out of Hamburg to find beautiful, secluded places. These trips offer satisfaction to the part of me that would actually prefer to live in the country.

Petra Schulte about me:

With Angela, we have a fighter on our side in the management team who keeps her honesty in focus. As a result, the USP Leadership Boutique bears her signature and is inspired by her commitment, her passions and her experience. She creates truthfulness and commitment with personal curiosity, a joy in creating, and an appreciation for the diversity of the contributing personalities. She pays special attention to the balance between professionalism and humanity.