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Hintergrund Portraitfoto von Christl Bubik

Christl Bubik

Senior Consultant

Personal Background

In diagnostics and leadership development I support clients to develop their potentials and strengths to tackle personal challenges and change with a proactive and positive attitude. Having lived in different countries and cultures my personal life has often been characterised by cutting roots and by adopting to new environments. Therefore, taking responsiblity for oneself and to trust in one´s own possiblities to progress and to be effective have become important guiding values to me which I integrate into my work with coaching clients and in leadership programs. I consider self-responsibility and self-love as an important basis to respect oneself and to live up to one´s own strength as well as to establish positive and equal relationships with others. As a mother of two I also try to convey those values to my children in order that they trustfully shape their own future.

Professional Background

  • Studies of economics
  • Strategy and business consultant
  • Psychological and social counsellor
  • Master studies in communication & coaching
  • Certified coach and trainer
  • Additional languages: Italian, French

Core Competences

  • Coaching in professional and leadership contexts
  • Behavioral analysis: Assessment Center and Development Center
  • Empathic communication: workshops and trainings
  • Leadership development

Product Focus

  • Coaching
  • 360 degree feedback processes
  • Development Center, Assessment Center
  • Management Appraisals
  • Group Coaching